FAQ - Cartucce toner

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Frequently asked questions

Before the purchase

To add Check the product details carefully. Understand the product you want to buy. Keep your information up-to-date, including your email address, telephone number

Before paying

We reserve the right to cancel any order, make sure you are eligible to pay for the item concerned. If you are unable to meet certain conditions, please contact fastservices.ch

Why a new or regenerated toner ?

The toner contains a very fine powder composed of carbon particles, iron oxides and resins. To allow high printing resolutions, it was also necessary to insert polymers and polyester resins to reduce the size of the powder from 12 to 8 uM, this operation guarantees a higher print resolution of 600dpi.
The fixing of these particles on the sheet is entrusted to the mechanical parts of the print cartridge, such as gaskets, blades, transport rollers and photo-fixers. The perfect condition and the good quality of the cartridge is therefore fundamental not only for the success of the print but also to avoid the dispersion of the micro dust in the air. From this consideration comes the decision never to use regenerated toners

What is the difference between buying a new compatible cartridge or regenerating your used one ?

Self-regeneration provides the user with a good manual ability and, however, he will never have the manual experience of a professional regenerator. Our toners are designed and built entirely from nothing to the finished product, NEW with the guarantee of use and compactness of the product capable of providing you with exceptional prints and very low emissions, at the level of the original toners. The mixtures of powders, polymers and coloring pigments are such as to always provide you with bright blacks and vivid and bright colors. Ours is a constant commitment to guarantee the maximum in quality and environmental safety.

Are your inks generic or specific ?

Our inks are very specific we have almost 70 different ink types.
It would be easier for us to produce toners and cartridges with generic inks, in fact the storage of the raw material would be less and with less cost but in doing so we would not be sure of the good result of your prints, therefore we rely with difficulty on specific inks.

Why do your products have a high quality level ?

The reasons are different and numerous, we list some of them:
- All our products have a very high print quality because their production uses materials and machinery that comply with the quality standards of the ISO 9001 Standards.
- Ink cartridges are sold in the markets of dozens of countries including Europe, but Asia and America have already received quality approval from customers in these markets.
- All our products have passed the most rigorous tests in order to guarantee the best performance during the period of use.
- Through our cartridges it is possible to take advantage of the advanced color ranking functionality: the most advanced techniques can be used to create multiple layers of color directly on a single pixel which ensures that the prints are clearer, more natural, brighter, with clear lines and more saturated colors.
- Very small ink drop: the ink drop in the cartridges is only 5 pls, which allows more detailed and fascinating prints.
- Accuracy: the back pressure adjustment method is used to control the amount of ink jet sprayed from the print head into the cartridges.

What compatible toner or laser cartridges do you get ?

We only sell high quality products previously tested; able to guarantee a chromatic density of the colors and a colorimetric quality equal to 99.9% of those obtained using an original toner cartridge.

Does a compatible laser cartridge or toner last less than an original cartridge ?

NO, In principle, a compatible cartridge or laser toner lasts the same time as the Original Cartridge, since in the production process it is necessary to produce a cartridge having the same structure and weight as the original toner.
Clearly, the fact remains that the number of pages printed is a purely indicative average value, since it depends on the type of pages printed. Printing an all-black or colored page (A4 size) (Color Laser) requires more toner dust consumption than when printing the usual black text page on a white background. In each of our products you will find the number of pages and / or milligrams corresponding to the toner capacity.

Can compatible cartridges and toners damage the printer ?

NO, provided that the normal assembly instructions for each model of laser printer are respected.
Each toner or cartridge contains the specific toner powder for the relevant printer, fax, plotter or copier model and any specific detailed instructions that are necessary.

Will using compatible cartridges and toners void the warranty on my printer ?

The use of non-original cartridges does not void the warranty of the printer, fax machine or copier. The doubt is fueled, for obvious economic reasons. International legislation, starting from the United States, followed by the EU, has issued very precise rules on the regeneration, recovery and use of electrical and electronic equipment in which writing materials fall, to encourage their development.

Are there any dangers for the end user in handling compatible cartridges and toners ?

There is no additional danger for the operator to handle non-original cartridges (toner or ink) with respect to the original ones. It is good to remember that both types of product constitute equipment containing substances harmful to health and the environment, to be handled with the necessary caution.